Your family can enjoy the outdoors without leaving home when you have a nice deck. The deck is also a great spot to gather with friends. While your space should be relaxing and comfortable, it should also be safe. Here are some tips to make your deck safe for children and pets.

Install Strong Railings

When you have energetic kids or pets, secure and stable deck railings are a must. Make sure the gaps between balusters are no more than 4″ wide to keep kids and pets from slipping through or getting stuck between them.

If your railings are made of wood, check to see that they are splinter-free. Sturdy railings help make a deck safe for children and pets. Railing covers are also an option if you don’t want to replace your current railings, just be sure to secure them properly. You can find deck railing covers that babyproof and offer privacy and protection from the wind.

Add a Gate to Make Your Deck Safe

A safety gate is great for containing curious kids and pets. If you have an elevated deck, install a gate at the top of the steps. This will prevent your kids from playing on the stairs. The gate also keeps pets and children from wandering down into the yard unsupervised.

Choose Safe Decor

Decorating your deck with plants is a great way to update the space and create a relaxing area. If you have pets or children, be sure to choose non-toxic plants. Curious children or animals may be tempted to play with the foliage.

Another way to keep children and pets safe is to store dangerous items out of their reach. If you have pool chemicals, lawn fertilizers, garden tools, or grilling utensils that are stored on the deck, find a safe location for them. Purchase or build a sturdy deck box that can be fitted with a lock to keep pets and kids from accessing harmful products.

Lock the Doors

Never leave children unattended on the deck. Lock the doors leading to the area and make sure the lock is out of a child’s reach. When your child is tall enough to operate a standard door lock, install a latch higher up.

Add Shade to Make Your Deck Safe

Pets enjoy being outdoors but a deck can get too hot on sunny days. The hot surface can burn paws and bare feet. Use a patio umbrella, a retractable awning, or a few potted trees to add areas of shade to your deck.

Keeping your deck safe for kids and pets is simple when you know what to do. A few precautionary measures go a long way in helping everyone to safely enjoy the outdoor living spaces.

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