The front porch, backyard deck, and patio are great places to enjoy nice weather with family and friends. Make your backyard spaces as comfortable and welcoming as the inside of your home. Here are a few easy ways to update your outdoor living spaces.

Update Your Outdoor Living Spaces with Color

Whether you add throw pillows to the patio furniture or potted plants to the front porch, color is a great way to liven up outdoor spaces. We often design a deck to be functional but not necessarily attractive. Outdoor rugs instantly add color to a porch or patio. Refresh aging outdoor furniture with a new coat of spray paint. Hanging baskets and planters filled with colorful annuals are an easy way to brighten any area.

Improve Lighting

Illuminate your deck with lights on each post. You’ll brighten the space and make it more welcoming in the evenings. String lights are a great addition to a front porch or hanging over a patio. Solar-powered LED lights make walkways safer after dusk. Other ways to incorporate lighting outdoors include installing recessed lights in the stairs of the deck and using motion-detecting floodlights in the side yard and above the garage door.

Create Privacy

Your family will be more likely to use the deck or patio if the neighbors don’t have a direct line of sight to the area. Hang curtains on the front porch. Build a fence beside the patio or plant trees around the space. Some companies sell pre-made privacy screens that can be easily installed on your deck. You can also create more privacy by planting shrubs and fast-growing plants, like bamboo around your outdoor living spaces.

Provide Shade for Guests to Update Your Outdoor Living Spaces

In the hot summer sun, a shaded area is essential. Elderly family members, small children, and pets can easily overheat when spending time in direct sunlight. Improve your outdoor spaces by creating shaded places to cool off. Build a pergola on the patio. Trees and large potted plants also provide shade for pets to enjoy on the deck. Privacy features like curtains and sun sails will help shield your guests from sun exposure while keeping them comfortable.

Build a Fire Pit

After spending a day in the sun, be prepared for cooler evening temperatures. A fire pit provides the perfect space to continue enjoying the outdoors. Purchase a ready-made fire bowl or use materials from your local hardware store to build your own. You’ll have a cozy area to stay warm when the temperature drops a few degrees after dark.

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