Gathering around a fire pit is a great way to spend a chilly evening outdoors. As with any activity that involves an open flame, it is important to properly prepare and use caution. Here are 4 tips for fire pit safety to prevent accidents that could injure someone or damage your property.

Fire Pit Safety

You may have an above-ground fire pit that you purchased from a hardware store or an in-ground one that you built yourself. Store-bought fire pits can wear out over time and the basin may corrode and develop holes. If you notice this is the case, it is time to discard the fire pit and invest in a new one. Embers and burning logs can fall through the bottom and scorch the ground.

It is important to keep all burning materials contained inside the fire pit. When you build an in-ground fire pit, dig a pit about 6-8 inches deep. Line the bottom with sand and create a barrier of stones, bricks, or cement pavers around the perimeter.

Location is Key

Fire pits should be placed at least 10 feet away from the house, shed, and any other structures. Find an area that is clear of trees and branches hanging overhead. A strong gust of wind can blow the flame sideways and if anything flammable is nearby, it could ignite and start a fire.

Preparation for Fire Pit Safety

It is always best to be prepared in case the fire gets out of control. Have a garden hose, bucket of water or sand, or a fire extinguisher within reach when enjoying your fire pit. If there is a situation where you need to put out the flames quickly, you won’t have to rush around to find something to do the job.

Supervision at All Times

Don’t leave a fire burning unsupervised. This is a rule for grilling, fireplaces, candles, and fire pit safety. Teach children to keep their distance from the fire and how to stop, drop, and roll. When retiring for the night, make sure the fire is completely out by dousing it with water or covering it with sand or baking soda.

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