It’s good to regularly check your home for safety concerns. The sooner you address structural issues with your home, the less likely they are to get worse. Here are some key signs of structural problems to look out for in your home.

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof means it’s time for a roof replacement. Hire a professional to check the structural supports that hold up the roof and make any needed repairs. On average, an asphalt roof should last approximately 20 to 30 years, before it needs to be replaced.

Cracks in Exterior Walls are Signs of Structural Problems

Check for visible cracks in your home’s exterior walls, especially the foundation. Generally, wide cracks are more likely to be related to structural problems than hairline cracks. Some cracks might appear in a stair-step formation, which is also a red flag for foundation shifting.

Chimney Cracks

Usually, cracks in your chimney are a sign that your home has started to shift and there’s additional pressure on the chimney. If the chimney is cracked or leaning, have a chimney inspection. The chimney may need repairs to make it safe or there may be an underlying structural issue that needs to be addressed.

Uneven Floors are Signs of Structural Problems

If your floors are not level, the causes are structural. The support joists underneath the floor are failing or the home has experienced foundation shifting. You may not be able to see that the floor is sloped, but you can tell if you drop something on the floor and it rolls to one end of the room. Use a level to determine if the floor is sloped and by how much.

Windows and Doors That Won’t Open or Shut

If there are windows or doors in your home that no longer shut properly and leave gaps, this is a structural concern. If windows or doors are stuck and are difficult to open or close, this is also a sign of structural problems.

Structural problems in a home should never be ignored and it’s important that you know about them early on. If you buy a home with structural issues, you will have to complete invasive and expensive repairs to make it safe for your family.

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