Plumbing problems at home are either a quick and easy DIY fix or require professional attention. It’s often hard to determine what the problem is, and sometimes tough to detect a problem at all. Pay close attention to these 10 signs of plumbing problems at home so you know exactly when to call a plumber.

1. Your Drains are Moving Slowly

Drains may become clogged over time due to the build-up of debris from regular use. This can easily be fixed with a drain snake and a drain cleaner.

However, if all of the drains in your home are draining slowly, you could have serious plumbing problems at home. This is typically a sign that the main sewer line is clogged. Call a plumber as soon as possible to make repairs.

2. Poor Water Pressure

Low water pressure is another sign that something is clogging your pipes. If your water pressure has suddenly become lower than normal and no one has touched the main water pressure regulator, it’s best to call a plumber to investigate the issue.

3. Brown Spots on the Walls are Signs of Plumbing Problems at Home

Unusual brown spots on the wall are another sign of plumbing problems at home. They could be coming from a pipe leaking behind a wall. You’ll need to take steps to determine the source of the leak and then repair and dry out the area to prevent mold.

4. A Smelly Drain

If you notice a foul odor coming from your drain, you could have a serious plumbing problem on your hands. This is often a sign of a broken or blocked sewer line.

5. Signs of Plumbing Problems at Home Include Noisy Pipes

If you’re hearing your pipes rattling through your walls, this can be a sign of trouble. Your water pipes should be quiet for the most part. If they are making noise, it’s typically a sign that your water pressure is too high, the air chambers in your pipes are flooded, or the pipes are not secured properly.

6. A Higher Than Normal Water Bill is a Sign of Plumbing Problems at Home

If you haven’t been using your water more than normal but your water bill has spiked, this can be an indicator of leaking pipes. Contact a plumber to check it out.

7. A Noisy Toilet

If you begin noticing that your toilet is making a gurgling noise, you might have a blocked sewer line or vent stack.

8. Peeling Paint

If the paint on your walls is beginning to peel or bubble, this might be caused by a leak behind the drywall. Contact a plumber to determine where the leak is and make any needed repairs.

9. Clogged Toilets

Every toilet gets clogged from time to time. However, if your toilets are consistently clogging all of a sudden, this is a sign of plumbing problems at home. This is often another indicator of a clogged sewer, which requires immediate assistance from a plumber.

10. Mold Growth

If you’re beginning to notice mold growing on your walls or in the under-sink cabinets, you probably have a leaky pipe. Quickly locate the leak and work to dry out the area to discourage mold growth.

If you’re noticing these or other signs of plumbing problems at home, be sure to contact a plumber to check it out and make the needed repairs.

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