With winter on the way, most people are spending more time at home. Use this time to tackle simple DIY home improvement projects. Make easy upgrades around the house and stay busy and productive this winter.

Changing Cabinet Hardware is an Easy DIY Home Improvement

The drawer and cabinet hardware in your kitchen can change the look of the entire room. Choose sleek new, modern pieces for a contemporary look, or find vintage or antique hardware to suit the style of your kitchen. After you’ve purchased new hardware, you’ll only need a drill to install the handles and drawer pulls.  You’ll update your cabinets quickly and easily.

Update Lighting

Especially as the days grow shorter, good lighting is important in a home. Bright bathroom lighting is necessary for getting ready in the mornings. Kitchen lighting helps you to prepare food. Lighting on the staircase is important for safety. Upgrade lighting fixtures to improve visibility throughout your house. While you’re replacing fixtures, install new LED bulbs to save energy and money on your power bill.

Paint an Accent Wall

An accent wall commands attention and can make a room feel larger. You’ll create a focal point with just a bit of paint. Choose a bold shade that compliments the color of the room. In most cases, you’ll use less than a gallon of paint and the project can generally be completed quickly. Clean the wall, mask off the trim and adjacent walls, patch any holes, and you’re ready to paint.

DIY Home Improvement: Install a Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash adds style and function. The design of the backsplash protects the wall from dirt and damage during food prep, when washing dishes, and from grease splatters. Install a backsplash on the wall behind the stove and counters. There are a wide variety of materials available, though tile is most commonly used.

Add a New Faucet

You spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink. Make it an attractive and functional feature of the room. Update the space with a new faucet. It’s an easy improvement as long as you choose a new faucet with the same measurements as the current one. There are almost endless styles and finishes available, from stainless steel to brushed nickel and antiqued copper. You’ll find a faucet that looks great in your kitchen.

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