No matter where you live, your home will eventually become messy. Although this is generally harmless, there are plenty of reasons to get started on a decluttering project. Learning how to clean and organize your home creates cleaner living spaces and alleviates the stress associated with poor organization. For some people, clutter can cause mental strain, stress, and anxiety. Make your life easier with these tips to declutter your home.

Set a Timeline to Declutter Your Home

Before you get started cleaning, you need a plan. The first step in decluttering your home is creating a timeline for your goals. No matter how much of a mess you have to tackle, having a schedule with specific goals will keep you on task and help you see progress from your efforts.

  • Identify hotspots for clutter in your home.
  • Sort areas by how difficult they will be to clean up.
  • Set reasonable deadlines for decluttering and stick to them.
  • Schedule decluttering when you know you will have time to finish an area completely.

Create a Sorting System

Tackling a big project is always made easier if you break it down into smaller components. Begin your decluttering process by dividing your belongings into four boxes or bins. Have one for items you’ll keep and another box for trash. The third box is for things you’ll donate to charity and the fourth will temporarily hold things that need to go into storage.

Any items you still use every day should be placed in the bin of belongings to keep. Later you’ll return these items to an appropriate location in your home. Things you no longer use can be donated to charity. If you come across belongings that are in bad shape or broken, dispose of them properly.

Finally, any items you don’t use daily can be put in a storage bin and later organized in a designated storage area, like the basement or garage.

Get Help to Declutter Your Home

It might be embarrassing to ask for help, especially if your home is overrun with clutter, but a friend is more than just an extra pair of hands. You may have developed an attachment to items that no longer serve a purpose in your home. For some people, these can be difficult to part with. An objective person is able to help you make the decisions about items you should get rid of.

Organize Your Living Spaces

Decluttering your home is more than just cleaning an untidy area. It’s often an issue throughout the house. After donating and throwing away items you don’t need, find storage solutions to keep your living spaces better organized. Use baskets, bins, shelving, storage totes, and other tools to create designated places for the items you chose to keep.

To keep your home in order, spend a few minutes each day returning items to their proper places. A little time daily goes a long way toward keeping your home neat, organized, and functional.

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